Monday, November 22, 2010

Peaceful Days 02

 Eve was angry at me because I ate too much during breakfast TwT well ok, I will settle for one egg and one cup of rice plus bread TwT

We had discussed on the personalities of our main characters ^^ More or less they will follow some stereotypes but we are determined to make them more interesting and fun XD We've also came up with the name of the character I'm making - and it's "Chime" ^^ Well first I thought of it should start with "C" since Eve's character's name "Cheryl" also start with that XD It's a combination of "Chii" and "Hime" but ended up as "Chime" which is pronounced as that decoration that make sounds ^w^

Should we make it yuri XD? I gave that idea to Eve, but she prefers it to be a normal Boy x Girl relationship so we'll go with that ^^/ Hehe, I also thought that we're to early to take on that kind of story XDw And we're talking about "Valentines" theme here, so a Boy x Girl relationship is a must ^^\ We also have the option to make the player chose between a Boy main character and a Girl main character - but that is as imagined very hard to make XDw


  1. B-but I never said I was mad at you just because you eat too much *tearplz*
    I meant 2 eggs and 2 fried rice as breakfast is a lot lol, I just said it for your health's well but If you're happy eating like that, then be happy be happy!! Q A Q /

    ...btw i haven't received your pic yet B<
    I want to see your character right away! D>

  2. TwT !! my internet connection at home is still not fixed >w< I will upload it later (zettai ni) >w< *hides in one corner*

    Anywayz, I've also decided to reduce my breakfast XDw I don't want to get fat =A=