Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Project Is Born over Our Chat

Neko Blossom Valentine

I've been pondering on the things we should be doing (art wise) so I asked Eve on what to do. We have options over - artbook, manga or game ^^ And Eve suggested we'd work on a game - Visual Novel format, and I instantly agreed to it; since I've been planning to work on one for so many years before XD Both of us wanted this Visual Novel to be short, funny, heart warming and romatic; more or less our story will follow a Love Comedy format ^^ <3

(Cheryl - inspiration ^^ <3)



  1. I see you already have posted the first post here XD
    I forgot to mention that once you told something about a future visual novel project, when we were with baka-art, v-tan, kittyhazel and moorina if i'm not wrong. so let's hope we can get this goal to make it come true soon <3
    Let's do our best! = v = /

  2. This is very fan service I love fan service =3